Top 5 National Parks In South Sudan


South Sudan has by far been a country known for wars, refugees, under-development and some things between. Though it didn’t annihilate them completely as believed, we still have places where we can find animals. Wildlife in South Sudan is under the jurisdiction of Wildlife Conservation Directorate (GOSS), Ministry of Environment and the Wildlife Conservation and Tourism.

Some important migrations

  • March-June Migration-This is the start of rainy season and animals move from Sudd flood plains and Bandingilo National Park back to the Boma National Park (North to South and West to East
  • November-January Migration-As the dry period is underway, animals starting migration (South to North and East to West) back to the Sudd floods.

Meanwhile, here are top 5 national parks in South Sudan.

1. Boma National Park in Boma Jonglei-77,220-square-mile

About 1.3 million antelopes migrate seasonally making it the world’s largest place for animal migration more than the Serengeti…

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