Melanin, Be your Greatest Self!

Right Knowledge World

Melanin is a vital part of the make-up of people of African descent. Besides the fact that it gives us a wide range of skin colors, it also allows us to hear at higher frequencies, see a fuller vision of the color spectrum AND allows our third eye to be more in tune with the universe. However, we are never taught the importance of this wonderful chemical. So, when I began to look in this, I found out exactly why!

Melanin is a Greek word, derived from melanos, meaning BLACK! (1) It is an ever-present pigment found in each organ and regulates the functions of our brain. There are three groups of this pigment allomelanins, eumelanins, and pheomelanins. Eumelanins gives rise to colors from dark brown to blue black, whereas pheomelanins produces red brown colors and is largely responsible for red hair and freckles. Allomelanins are found in plants and…

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